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What is a company's Financial Statement? Written by Shayana Faria 5356
What is an Occupational License and/or Business Tax Receipt? Written by Shayana Faria 5661
Is a ‘Non Profit’ or ‘Not For Profit’ 501-C (3) Organization MBE Certifiable? Written by Shayana Faria 5871
What is a Joint Venture? Written by Shayana Faria 4152
What is the difference between Broker and Distributor? Written by Shayana Faria 8815
What is the difference between Parenting/Holding Companies? Written by Shayana Faria 4477
What is a Corporation? Written by Shayana Faria 3851
What is a Partnership? Written by Shayana Faria 3921
What is a Sole Proprietorship? Written by Shayana Faria 3951
What is management control? Written by Shayana Faria 4894
What is the definition of a minority owned and operated group? Written by Sheldon Ross 4294
Who can attend your regularly scheduled meetings? Written by Sheldon Ross 4298
What can the Council do to improve my business? Written by Sheldon Ross 4256
Does the Council provide bids or contracts for certified MBEs? Written by Sheldon Ross 4320
How much is the membership fee? Written by Sheldon Ross 4330
What are NAICS codes? Written by Sheldon Ross 4722
Where may I locate my business NAICS code? Written by Sheldon Ross 4243
How can I capitalize on being certified by the Council? Written by Sheldon Ross 4418
How many agencies can I be certified with? Written by Sheldon Ross 5280

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